having trouble with cloth sim


i have been working on my BWC entry and i’m trying to put clothes on my character…
i tried to make sense out of the manual but i’m just not getting it… and the whole modeling, rigging, skinning just shut down my brain already…

can anyone do the settings for this very simple scene and make the cloth object interact with the enclosing object? and possibly explain just briefly what i need to pay attention to.

greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.



untitled.blend (187 KB)

See attachment. I changed some settings on your collisions.

i already done that, it’s in the attached file even, but it just won’t see it :frowning: :frowning:

i know it sounds simple and easy but i fail to understand why it won’t work

Oops, here is is.


untitled.blend (191 KB)

From the images, it looks like your green object hasn’t been set as a deflector object, so the cloth keeps falling through it. You set it up as a Deflector object by using the Collision Button on the Collision Panel in the Physics Buttons window. It’s the panel that shares space with the Fields panel, which is usually the one on top. (somebody really ought to change that terminology…)


i found out this little tiny thing that i overlooked…
ok… this is a LOOOOONG story but to keep it short, there is a bug with blender on mac OSX (apple’s fault mostly)… i got my build from this thread:


david (the builder) disabled some features in order to get blender to work correctly… the game engine was one of them, which i didn’t care about because i don’t use it… but look at this message in the collisions box… it says it’s disabled too

been driving me up the wall for the last 24 hours
thanks guys :slight_smile:

no more blending on mac OSX