Having trouble with compositing changes not being applied to final render

Sorry I’m very new to Blender VSE, I’m using Blender version 2.63. I’ve added a video in the timeline that I want to add some color correction and sharpening to. In the compositor I have added a Image, bright/contrast, sharpen, composite and viewer nodes. I can see the changes applied (when backdrop check box is ticked), the problem is when I go to render it out, none of the changes I made have been applied. I tested my theory out using the invert node, just in case the changes I made had been applied but were to subtle to see. When It was rendered, sure enough it rendered the video clip without inverting the color.

So it appears that I’m missing a step or two, what am I doing wrong?


afaik, the sequencer gets computed unrelated to compositor and after compositor. So my understanding: regardless of what you have in compositor it takes the sequencer data. Maybe if you make a new Scene for Compositing and add this Scene (to other scene) Sequencer it works?

The sequencer looks at existing files. It does not “re-generate” what it sees. My guess is that those files are not up-to-date. You may need to verify that the strips are pointing at the right files or directories, and that all of the information in those directories is current.

Do compositing step before importing the result into the VSE for editing.

You can do the compositing in another scene and place that in the VSE as a strip as bashi suggests.

You can go to my blog and see other ways to do this (from VSE to Compositor and back). There is a script to do this :wink:

Thanks guys,
sorry for late reply. I tried Bashi but I’m sorry I’m having trouble adding my composited Scene to the one in the Sequencer, I don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried looking at the wiki and trying to google it but haven’t found the answer yet, sorry for my ignorance in this matter. 3pointEdit I’m heading over to your blog to do some reading, thanks.

To add a scene strip (in the VSE) press Shift A then select from the menu add scene (choose the one you created).

Thanks 3pointedit,
I finally worked out what I had wrong. Every time I read you earlier reply to “You can do the compositing in another scene and place that in the VSE as a strip” I would set up the node and then save it as a blend file, thinking that was what you meant, but on seeing your latest reply I realized that the scene you were talking about something different, so hunted through Google looking for how to add a scene, and there it was in the blender Wiki how to save and add a scene. I did it and sure enough it worked, thanks you for your patients.