Having trouble with Ctrl-L to change materials

Hi, I have a project with several scenes. Many of the objects are in more than one scene.

So far what I have done is to make single user objects (not materials etc) so that I can change the objects location etc in the new scene without having to worry about them moving in the original scene. This way I can work on materials and the improvements propagate to all the scenes and that is working great.

However, now I have several single user objects (plants) that share a material. I want to make a copy of the original material and assign the new copy to each of the plants in this scene.

I can make the new material just fine but when I use Ctrl-L to copy the material to the selected objects it changes the material on the plants that are in different scenes also not just the selected objects in the current scene.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I manually changed each of the objects after fixing the previous scene and it is all working so I’m not stuck but just thought there was an easier way.

Any Help is appreciated and if its a bug let me know and I will submit a report to the devs


Your material might be linked to the ObData instead of the object. Thus, when you change the material, all the objects sharing the same mesh will change their material also.

I think Your right. I got it sorted the long way this time.