Having trouble with finding x-ray weight paint function in newer version

So I have having been learning all the differences in versions of blender since 2.8. Now I’m stumped about having the x-ray function in weight painting in version 2.83. I have been looking for an answer but all I can find is people saying turn on 2d falloff, but it seems to have been removed since the version that was being used when the answers were given. The answers show pictures of where the toggle for 2d fall off can be found and not only is the toggle not there in my version, but the menu its in is very different in my version.
Please help me out, I’m stuck with a weight paint issue that seems it can only be solved by the x-ray function.
Why did they have to go and mess around with the UI that was in 2.7.9 when they just make things much more complicated and harder to navigate.