Having trouble with particles

Hey guys,
I’m fairly new to using particle systems and I’m having quite a bit of trouble using them. I’m currently trying to create an asset in blender that is a potted plant. It is a mini tree and am creating the leaves in a particle system, although some of the leaves are intersecting the emitting object and with each other; as well as that some aren’t even touching the emitter object. The emitter object are the branches by the way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have play about with all the settings in the physics, rotation and children setting. I also tried the “self effect” trick to see if that worked but unfortunately did nothing. I have attached a picture to show you guys what it actually looks like in a render (There is no pot as I haven’t textured it yet). :slight_smile:

Good mesh topology can help in this situation. Your clumping may be the result of where vertices are located in the branch mesh.

Are you using hair?
Are you weight painting the mesh?

Post an example BLEND file of just a twig or two so we can see your particle settings.