Having trouble with texturing this watch

Hi there, I’m currently making a watch in Blender, however I’m having a major problem with the texturing, lighting and the final render

I’ve attached two renders of what I have so far, and the problems can clearly be seen in both.

To outline the problems in picture titled WATCH4, when I tick the ‘Use Nodes’ box on the Node Editor, it gives some of my textures the checkered texture which is only assigned to ‘World’ texture…

To outline the problems in picture titled WATCH5, the watch face is completely white for some strange reason, when it is suppoed to be a cloudy metal colour. Also the top of the watch is not reflecting properly, neither are the sides the sides (all the same material).

‘Use Nodes’ is unticked in WATCH5, which took the checkered problem away.

Here is what I am aiming for (Except black instead of a peachy colour): guide image



Help is very much appreciated!

did you sue any HDRI map here to get reflections on watch ?

cause if you don’t ahve anything ro reflect you wont see any reflections ?

and rendering in black is a lot more difficult but can be done i guess

may be begin with another color to get the feeling of it and then switch back to black!

and why do you use node here ?
is it for mat text or composite?

happy 2.5