Having trouble with UV Unwrap options warping faces

I’m trying to unwrap this window sash, and comign from 3ds max, I remember there was a relax function that would let me iterate through multiple unwrap relaxation options until I was satisfied with the shape…I don’t see anything liek that in blender…I got the bottom segment, one face of the sash, unwrapped perfectly using a manually selected group of faces and Smart UV Project. I then selected the rest and attempted to do a regular unwrap, which it’s doing it the way I want (with the faces of the insides of the window lights unwrapped inward) but the whole group is warped or sheared out of proportion…how come it doesn’t unwrap straight like the bottom section?

If I do smart UV Project on the rest of the faces, it separates all the internal faces of the lights and I want them to be grouped together like they are here. Any thoughts?

You can try to select the inwards directed faces and unwraping them by “unwrap from view”.
Then scaling them to fit the sice of the outer frame. Then pining all these vertices, select all in 3D View and unwrap by simple “unwrap”. Possible it would be still a bit of a mess then but maybe you can easier align the rest of the UV then by hand.

EDIT: There’s a tool called “Minimize Stretch” in the UVs menu. It also could help a bit and possibly do the same as the relax function you are talking about.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re aiming for, but if you want everything square, you’re probably going to have to mark some seams or manually align along an axis.

personally I would go with Smart UV Project; having all separated island will allow to rotate each element along the texture direction in case of wood textures, and afterward with snapping you can weld contiguous elements quite easily.

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I decided to go with a smart uv projection. I stacked the uvs of the inward facing sections and packed my islands manually which is how I’ve always preferred it. Is there a way to group stacked islands so the automated packer will keep them together? Thanks for the help! Merry Christmas