Having trouble with UV Unwrapping

I’m really new to blender and I’m having trouble with my renders. I modeled a magazine with curved pages (I just used planes) and in the rendered preview the unwrapping looks fine. When I render it though, it’s getting a strange warp squeeze deal and I’m not sure how to fix it. Please help!!

Here’s what it looks like when I render. (I tried to include a picture of the preview but since I’m a new user I can only add one picture.)

Please excuse the fact that it’s Tom Holland, it’s just for practice :rofl:.

Edit: Thank you everyone for your patience and advice! I’m still taking solutions but like I said I’m relatively new to blender. I just started my sophomore year of highschool so it’s really difficult finding someone to take me seriously and help! Thank you!!

Would you mind including a picture of your shader?
The default texture input is “Generated” not “UV”
However, while UV unwrapping, it’s UV

Edit: Example

Hi! So like I said I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to this stuff. This is what my node editor looks like but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in the completely wrong place.

Add a “Texture Coordinate” node, and select the “UV” output from it, connecting it to the “Vector” input of the image node that you already have. You don’t have to change anything else, it just needs to know to use the UV map instead of the default map.

It is slightly different in 2.79 as there is a UVMap option in the materials tab (it’s easier/more intuitive imo), but it’s been at least a month and I can’t remember the exact thing. Thankfully I believe the nodes are the same.

I added a Texture Coordinate node and I’m still getting the same problem.

Might I also add, I have the pages curved which seems to be the only place that’s warping.

Here’s the best visual I can give.

How are you unwrapping? Some unwrap options cause distortion, because they fit within bounds.

I’m working on something vaguely similar right now, and it’s something I have done similarly in the past. I started with a plane for the page, added a suitable amount of geometry using loop cuts, UV unwrapped the first page while it was still flat and then bent it using the Curve modifier and a Bezier curve. Then it was just a matter of duplicating those two (page and bezier) loads of times and tweaking things. UV unwrapping while the page is still flat helps a lot.

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Show us what your UV Editor looks like with one of the pages selected and in Edit mode (preferably with the appropriate image loaded in the UV Editor)

Here’s this. I’d also like to thank you so much for your patience!

This is a really good idea and I might start over and take this route. What I did, which was probably not the best way to go about it, was created a plane, added and tweaked some segments until it curved the way I wanted to, made it a face and went from there.

Your pages are made up of a single non-quad face by the look of it? You need more geometry to work with. You can’t expect a single face to bend properly.

You could fix it somewhat by selecting matching verts top and bottom and pressing J.


Yeah, as mentioned, an ngon isn’t going to get good UV unwrapping.

Second, are you using any subsurf modifiers? These can screw with UV in the way you’re showing. Don’t subsurf ngons, and play with the UV smoothing options on the subsurf modifier.

Third, once you do have quad faces, try to avoid long skinny quads, which don’t interpolate very well. Aim for squares, not rectangles.

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Thank you! I actually restarted the project and used lattices with the bend modifier and then used the lattice modifier on the plane with some empties and it unwraps great! Thank you so much this was really helpful!!