Having trouble wrapping a graphic on a vehicle

I don’t even know if this is possible, but I need to add a graphics wrap to a vehicle. I need to keep it a low poly mesh. Here is what I’m trying to achieve.!

and here is what I’m doing in Blender. It looks distorted and warped.

It’s a bit distorted. Maybe my mesh is not well constructed?

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Unless you need it to wrap around curves or deform, I would just use object based coordinates. You can do it twice with different depth masks if you need both sides.

If you need to wrap to the back of the car, I’m out - I always end up with same issues as you.

The best way to do this is to properly unwrap the car, then paint the image onto it inside the 3d viewport. I explain how to do this in this post:

Just add the texture to the texture setting instead of the texture mask setting in order to get the picture’s color in your stencil.

If it is only going to be seen from one side, you could also look at it from the side and unwrap it using project from view. The picture won’t look distorted, but it’s not suitable for when it needs to be viewed from other angles.

Thank you, I’ll give it a shot and if it works out well, I’ll post it. :slight_smile:

When I need to do something like this (like a full-body tattoo, which is more difficult) I usually duplicate my mesh so that I can delete parts I’m not going to wrap and use it as a decal mesh (basically, shrinkwrap then displace a tiny bit.)

There’s always going to be distortion, unless you’re wrapping a cube, but part of the point to duplicating the mesh is that it makes it easier to focus on the parts of the mesh that matter-- like if your ceiling+cab aren’t being wrapped, you can do a basic unwrap and get something close to distortion free with a simple unwrap. The more faces you can eliminate, the less distortion you’ll get on the remaining faces.

That isn’t technically necessary, I just find it easier.

Other useful tools are projection unwraps (especially here) or pinning + re-unwrapping. Your side (maybe both sides?) are basically projection maps anyways, assuming you get the proper angle, and you can get proper edges by placing projection-mapped sides appropriately, pinning, and then unwrapping around the pinned verts.