Having trouble

So I have a video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_YcKGULWvU&feature=youtu.be that will explain my situation a bit better than I can on here. My project is working on a plane and droping words on it. The having the plane raise and the letters or words slide off the plane. In the Video you will see some on the issues that I am having trouble with.

First thing, you’re using Rigid Bodies, hence a rather recent version of Blender so… Forget about Blender Game. You don’t need it. Rigid Bodies work in the viewport with Cycles or Blender Render (a.k.a. Blender internal, a.k.a. BI). You just use [ALT A] or the “Play” button from the Timeline to start the animation. [ESC] to stop.

Once the animation is fully cached, it will remained constant and it will be saved in the blend file.

As for your problem of the text going through the plane, you could start by extruding it to make a thin flat box. A plane has no thickness. If you don’t crank up the settings in the Scene tab, it’s easy for the Physics engine not to detect the collision correctly… and the gravity pulls your text all the way through.

To make the words slide off the plane, you just need to animate the floor. If you rotate it, the closer from the vertical you’ll get, the faster the words will slide. The gravity is a b***! :wink: If you want you can also use the wind to blow the words away… Or a force field to repel or attract them… Or use a bulldozer to push them of the cliff. :wink:

The possibilities are infinite… Especially when you think that you don’t need to render everything. You can have invisible Rigid Bodies, animated or not.

Hey thanks for that. I’ll get to work on that asap and do a repost of the improved animation. One other thing Am I loosing resolution on my image that is the plane because I am scaling the plane to make it larger? The image when brought in just seems so small and is kinda hard to work with as the I can only zoom so close to it.

No, your image won’t be pixelated if you enlarge the imported plane… Assuming the image isn’t a post stamp that you enlarge to the size of the Moon. :wink: