Having troubles assigning new texture.

Hi all. I’ll start off saying that I am not native to Blender, I am a Maya user most of the time.

The issue Im facing right now is this:

I am editing a texture for a model that was handed to me with the texture already applied and visible in the viewport within Blender. I want to replace the current texture with an updated version, so I went into the Texture tab in the properties window (I assume this is the properties window that sits to the right side of the screen) and loaded in the new texture. However, the texture will not update in the viewport, unless I go into rendered view. In textured view it only shows the old texture.

Is there something I’m missing here? I am just used to plonking in a new texture in Maya and having it instantly update in the viewport.

Thanks in advance.


In the properties panel (shortcut N) under Shading, ensure you are using GLSL

Post a link toy an example blend file that shows the issue as well as the texture