Having troubles with skinnig

Hello everyone,

I’m here trying to rig a character but I haven’t been able to figure out what is happening with it.
I want to set all the vertex weight to only one bone so I start with clean weights.
As you can see almost all of the vertex weights are on DEF-spine.002

As you can see in this video the bone is not moving but the vertex that has a weight of 1 to that bone move for some reason.

Is there anyone that can see what is the problem? What I’m I doing wrong?


Here I’m going to leave the blender file in case anyone would like to see the scene. It has some animation in all the spine bones to make the skinning process a little easier. Hopefully, someone can figure out what is happening.


I think some other bone has weight assigned to that vertex. Try to check that.

You can check you vertex which is moving, which bone has weight assigned to it and how much.

@pvn31 thank you so much, I just saw this. I checked that and did everything but it seems to be something with the bendy bones. I had to set them to 1 and now the scene is working!!
Thanks for your help!