having uv scale issues.

I hope this is the right forum

I know how to mark seams and things like that. The issue I am having though is making my islands to be average scale. a plank it wont fill anything or do anything. and it’s like a quoter full of the uv space. if I scale it up it zooms into the texture.

so I watched uv tutorials again and came across Jonathan Williamson

at 25:40 he does the project from view. Is there away to make my islands be bigger in that uv editor space? even if I do a new uv and put in image size my islands dont end up that big.

if I mark constraint to image bounds it stretches the uv to fill that area. am I suppose to do that? i thought your not suppose to stretch uv’s? and if i just scale, it does the top island and no the sides.

will that new addon uv squares help for scaling?

file below of just a plank.

the top and bottom are pics from the course. the middle is mine and that was just way. the file shows another and I could just do go into uv constraint and scale the uv that way.



when I do the average scale then I hit pack Islands they do this. image 1. the n panel inside the uv that Y axis number looks low to me. image 2 is when I do a unwrap. inst the uv islands suppose to be in the center? not at the bottom


In the UV/Image editor, to to UVs -> Contrain to Image Bounds. This will keep the UV from going outside the edges of the image.
If you want to adjust your UV map, you can (after selecting what you want to move) hit G then X or Y to translate and contrain to one of those axes, if you want to push it toward the middle, or wherever you want it. You can also R to rotate and S to scale, just like you can in the 3D view.

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