HAWK fighters on patrol

I decided to finish the project and to put the final picture in here. I hope you like it.
For those among you, who want to see more pictures please check the WIP thread.

Modelled in Blender 2.43. Textures, background, effects etc made in GIMP


Really awesome! 5stars

Very well done:)

Beautiful, you pulled off those final details very well in the end. 4.5 stars (rounded up)

Fantastic! Reminds me of the opening scene in Revenge of the Sith.
I can’t work out why all of the sudden theres such outstanding work. I don’t know if it’s the users getting more experienced or the program being able to do more things!

Congratulations on this piece. I especially like the afterburners.

Beautiful texturing man. 5 stars

i really like the guns on the front and the cockpit detailing is sweet. great image.

Fantastic! Awesome textures, and it just has that feeling to it, that makes me give it 5 stars!


Thanks for all your comments!

I guess that it really is the more experience, at least in my case. I mean that picture here could have been done also with a much older version of Blender.

WOW…its awesome…very nice modeling & render…

Cool, wouldn’t the nebula blur too?

Not if it’s far away enough for parallax to affect it.

Nice, the textures are really cool

Everytime you supprise me.
Would you do a scene about the Gotthard-tunnel?(You…Switzerland).
That would be awesome.
For the ones that don’t know what the Gotthard tunnel is:
The largest tunnel of Europe (17 km in length)

Very nice! The background makes the scene.

That would be an a really boring scene…lot of black :evilgrin:
BTW: We’re building an even larger new tunnel (57 km long!! More infos here: alptransit website) I visited the construction site last year (several hundred meters under the mountains). That was really impressive!!

the background is nice, same as the texturing. But i dont like the shape of the ships…3 stars!

that’s awesome!!! You should really think about making a tutorial for those of us who are lacking in skills.

Just say on what you want to see a tutorial and I’ll think about it

Other than some slight AA issues, this is fantastic. Great texture and lighting work.

Moved to the gallery.