Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

Doing model of Hawker Hurricane Mk.I.
Initially meant just for Tabletop Simulator, so it is rather low poly, but I might use it as reference for some drawings or for visualization.
I’m now in the middle of texturing, laying out main lines and details, then I will go for weathering.
I could really use some guidelines or tutorials on that.

Hi Tomasz - the Hawker Hurricane was one of my favourites growing up when I used to build plastic models as a kid. Nice work. Regarding weathering, what I try to do (and I’m very much still learning) is to try to think about the actual processes involved. For example, on my locomotives, I think about the dirt coming down from the smoke plume, the effect of the rain on this dirt (to wash it away with a negative mask), the accumulation of the dirt in corners, etc. I also model the dirt that is thrown up from the ground and the interactions of the mechanical parts. I’m guessing that for an aeroplane, there will be a lot of horizontal streaking which can be done with a negative mask similar to what I describe for rain streaks.

Nice going on this one, it looks good.

This is a good tutorial on weathering aircraft

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Thanks for link.
I started playing with normals to bring details up.
I will weather later, unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I would like to have to work with this model.

I was talking more about digital techniques to apply specific effects.
The process itself I should be able to do, based on pictures and what not.