Hawker Tempest texture problem.

I’m having huge problem in texturing my tempest. It seams thet there is some streching I cant explain. Please can someone who have some airplane texture experience help me.
I’m getting desperate with this problem. Everything seams aligned fine but…

I saw a lot texturing tutorials but none for airplane specific. Could someone point me to that.


I bet you have subsurfed your mesh. The stretching is at the seam edges of a subsurfed mesh where the subsurf shrinks the mesh slightly (the UV unwrap is made on a non subsurfed mesh). Move the seam to a less noticeable place (the preferred option), add additional edge loops across your fuselage to minimise the stretch or add a crease value or mark sharp and edge split modifier along the seam but these options may make a noticeable hard edge.
A previous thread showing the same effect http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=191671&highlight=battery

Thank you a lot Richard. It works perfectly now.