Haxe Heaps When Exporting FBX on Japanese Computer, how to convert Ainsi to UTF 8

Hello to all!!
I hope you are all well in those hard times.
Almost everything is said in the Title, I am testing an interesting Game Engine.
Heaps. It use Haxe language.
I use a Japanese computer, with Blender 2.8 installed, then I export in FBX, and the file is encoded into AINSI.

I am searching for a way when exporting in FBX, to be encoded in UTF 8.

I tried Notepad++, not working.

  1. wrong forum section

  2. no game engine in 2.8

  3. i’m doing fine and you?

  4. your exporting code/text? Then you could write some code for it to create a file with blender itself, without exporting.

file = open('blabla.txt','w', encoding='utf8')
file.write(your details that you want to save)


Hello Cotaks, Hello everyones,

  1. wrong forum section<

Sorry for that. Heaps is a Game engine, but you are right I am essentially asking about FBX.

  1. no game engine in 2.8<

RIght again, Armory and the other one that I did not tested, UPBGE, are doing their best to fill that gap.
Heaps, is quite nice too, more of, “Love the code or die” type.

  1. i’m doing fine and you?<

I am doing great, and thank you again to use your time to answer to me.

  1. your exporting code/text? Then you could write some code for it to create a file with blender itself, without exporting.<

Good ideas are always clear and evident when formulated. Good!!

I was thinking that every possessor of a Japanese computer that need to keep it in this language will be greatly handicapped because that all export will be in AINSI encoding.
One’s exported, we can not turn it back to UTF8 using notepad++ for example.

I will see If I can add modification indirectly or directly to the FBX exporter add on code.
Failure is potentially high.

I found the exporter script.
I am not superman in Python, far from it.
But if I was able to insert the lines you subjected it could be nice.
I already made some tries, unsuccessfully. I will work on the structure of this script, a bit hard for me.

OK, since I put by wrongfully, blame on me, the Threat in the wrong place, I will restart it In Python code section.

I did not see the edit.

The code i gave is just internal code, meaning you can use that while running the game engine and it will save anything you like to a file of choice (extention can be fbx as well), i don’t think that this code will run in blenders source code, due to the script is python and the source code ain’t.