hayes h12

Well i have started a game about logging,ice roads and more.But here is what im working on its a hayes h12 for the game.Its a huge truck and hauls some of the biggest logs out of canada its and off highway truck.





WOW, good start, but you should forget detail for a game, make up for it using nor maps and stuff
good job though

Maybe this is the highpoly mesh, that hes going to bake the normals from

its not realy high poly 6k polys.And thats not that much for truckiing game ive seen games with trucks that are around 400k.

You’re right, 6k polys arent too much,but I can hardly imagine a real-time 400k poly truck.(if there is a game that has 400k poly meshes,then sorry,I just cannot really believe that it is possible to move that much polys in realtime with physics and everything)
Otherwise,really nice progress!Looking forward to see the texturing!

Yea there realy is a game with that many.Its called 18 wheels of steel haulin made by scs and all there games have high poly trucks.And the game run smoothly on the worst games.Now rrealy time im not sure.And the physics are ok.But i plan to beat them.Someday.But there coming out with a new game called extreme trucker and it looks awesome.But theres been rumors its missioned based and nobody on the most famous truck sim forum wants.

cool!, and welcome to the forums!

Thanks im glad to be here.