Haystack Help

Hello everyone. I’m not entirely sure if I posted this in the right place. Anyway I need to make a haystack in my project and I can’t quite make it look right. I am looking to making it like this.

If anyone can give me any tips on how I can achieve something like this I’ll be very grateful.

have you tried using hair particles?

How detailed does it need to be? If its going to be viewed from a distance, texture up a cube and call it a day. if its a close up shot, take that textured cube and do what Modron said. turn it into a hair particle emitter and style the hair all crazy like pieces of hay sticking out everywhere.

Thank you guys. Yes it is close up, my scene is going to sit on top of it. I tried the hair particles, and the hair was going everywhere, so I combed it down and I combed it too much. So I thought I had to ask to see if there was a better option. Thanks again.

are you using child particles? you get a whole different set of options if you use them. you can make them rough, or clumpy, or curly or whatever.

is this for cycles or bl ?
do you need sample file for this ?

happy cl

Yes, it looks like with a texture ( by example this one ) on a simple model + particles and children tweak , you can obtain something usable.

Here i gave a quick test, didn’t tweaked the particles much though, but i’m sure with some more time spent there, the result should be even closer to the goal , here’s how with simple different child settings the thing can go :


the blend :

using Blender Render, but Cycles shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using it, the trick is mostly in the particles, the base model having a texture that the particles will use, and tweaking the root and tip strand (in the material panel in case you’re using Blender Render and in the particle panel in case you’re using Cycles)

Thank you all again. Modron, the child particles are really helping. Sanctuary, thank you for the example, I couldn’t get it to look just right, so I’ll review your particle settings and fix my problems.