Hazar armoni

hii guys…
simple scene and simple decor
rendered withe cycles

A good room, I just found a couple areas of concern. The first is the texture on the chairs. Im not sure if you were going for a fabric or leather covering, but it looks like a weird combination of the two. I think tweaking some nodes would help that. The curtains are kind of falling at a weird angle at the top, they bunch up and flare out drastically. The last thing is there is no shadows from the light outside. For how bright it is outside, you would assume that it would be casting a shadow. I would pull the background off the walls and make it a separate plane, then set it too an emission.

Id agree with evil pickles over the lighting…nd i like the texturing… idk i like the sofa surface for some reason…:slight_smile: …just to add a lil more…

Id say the sofa does look a lil dispropartionate for the wooden chairs…further more the handle is way to small for the back of the sofa nd the back looks a lil too straight… :slight_smile: id kill my back if id sit there! :slight_smile: …maybe u cud revisit the model again and tweak it a lil… :slight_smile:

Also at the edge of the room…the world outside also kinda makes a clear bend with the room! :slight_smile: might wanna tweak that as well… :slight_smile:

thanks guys for you’r advices , but this for someone he want it like this :yes:

It looks very out of proportion, its a little grainy, but that is not a real problem, some materials look uggly to, I would work ore on the scene and on the models to make it look better.