Haze lands


is for a novel I wrote, ive been at it for about a week… its beginning to take shape… im trying to make a whole movie, itll likely take years I suppose… oh well, its fun…

this is the next scene, im nearing completion of the elements, will begin the animation phase soon.

This is “Merl” a character from my book.

This is Troy a friend of Jacks and the girl on the right its Terra, the Jack’s (the main hero) wife. sorry about the duplicate picture 2 pictures down, I cant seem to remove the attachment.


This is the main Charachter Jack, wearing the bandana


The characters movement is slow and you need to adjust the noise level on the Cycle Render.

Great progress for a month especially. It’s not perfect, but what you have looks like it’s a great start.

thanks im trying to speed along and get somewhere withing 3 years, im adding some team members soon, to help, but ill have to train them … about adjusting the noise levels… whats the best course of action, there seem to be many ways of going about it… im probably doing it wrong… i thought the animation is a little slow… but im also discovering many things… for one… volumetric lights… haha, this has been my hobby for a long time, why ive been terrible at it for so long is beyond me… but, i dont know if its because blenders gotten better, or i finally am starting to get a grip on things, but im ratcheting down a lot of factors… and im ashamed of the beginning now,…its inconguous with the stuff im about to do i think, i think anyone doing such a thing will see marked improvements as they move through a large project… the middle should or will/might look better than the beginning, and so on and so forth… i can go back and redo the scenes… add proper volumetric lighting, adjust the time curves to speed some things up later… but i also think perhaps i should hesitate to see how else i improve as i roll along, im working on the facial rigs as we speak… need to start doing the voice overs now i think, got away with out them for too long… i think i erased some of the original scene data by accident, started realizing how to organize scenes throughthis, linking object data ect… i havent mastered it yet and have suffered a lot of setbacks… I asked Ton Rosendall to do this movie, sent him the book, he said it was too much to do… but i really think he should have taken me up on it, it would be a feature length film… and has a good story … i dont think the blender teams have been able to pull that off … but this stuff is not easy unless you got 80 animators working and getting paid. i imagine… 1 guy like me, may just cut corners to get done… so please bear with me

this is my volumetric testing, i wish i had known this when i did the drywall dust… oh well, live and learn

ok thanks, you prompted me to read up on noise reduction in cycles, i was limping along thinking i was just doing something wrong with the setting i knew, but i read up on it, and found out more, it’ll likely come in handy… but some of it was over my head, as far as the speed… i may not have time to change it for now… i thinks its already gonna takes years at this rate… but i agree… maybe when my team members show up and i upgrade my computer… i hate rerendering, ties up my computer too long… but just read about cycles baking, maybe i can speed things up… ill give it a shot, thanks for your interest.

updated new scene added

…this is the facial animation phonemic test, just a short I love you and it passed, so its not easy but I think it’ll do

Well, you certainly have enough persistence. I think it would be normal to expect an increase in quality, the longer you work on it. Have you thought of making a move trailer, then trying to find more interest from people that way? Kickstarter is big for these kinds of things. If you can get to a place you want to be in quality, then that’s something to consider. And you have persistence, as I said above, which is one of the most important things. I look forward to updates.

Thanks, I certainly will do a movie trailer, for now I must rig the all the characters for speech… many of the cool scenes for the movie must be done I imagine, before its going to interest people, the plot is quite epic, so., I’ve a long way to go, its a fiction about Atlantis, but a different take that we’ve seen before… This is all chapter one in the book, not much actually happens in Chapter one, its starts off as life as usual… Chapter two is where the story takes off…

here it is, the neutron grazer, a likely addition to the film, and im using it in a space game that I’m making as well…

well, this is a days work on one of the five robots in the film, another outdoor scene is rendering as I type… ill post it for you guys soon.

latest rendition of one of the robots in the film

Nice! Just render the animations at higher samples when you’re going towards your final product.

moves are a little stiff though, but you’ll probably fix most of that before release