HD 2d TopDown RPG

Hello guys. I’ve been messing around in blender when I came up with a pretty neat idea;“HD 2d TopDown RPG”.

Basically, All of the assets are 3d models but rendered from the top view orthographic perspective in cycles. The assets could then be used as sprites. Here is something I made using this technique with Blender and Unity

I hoping We could team up and make a topdown 2d rpg using this technique. Ideas and story for the game are welcomed as long as the cast is diverse and multi cultural. So if anyone wants to team up and make this happen just message me or make a post.

currently looking for programmers, artists and animators

Here are some gifs if you cant watch the vid.



Wow ! that looks really good, I would go for an “arcade-stylized” game with a lot of hack and slash…
Keep it up :cool:

Bake the same animation out from 8 angles, from isometric :smiley:

I would love to see one that is for android, and patterns on screen change what move is executed,
(like CastleVania Symphony of the Night)

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:


Could you explain what you mean.

Like chrono trigger, or secret of evermore.

Take a animation, render it from a isometric angle, rotate the player on z 45 render tbe animation again(to another section of your uv animation sheet)
Rotate, repeat.

This way all animations can be played while moving on a isometric plane

!!! Nice work guy’s. !!!

Very good artstyle! I love it!

hi i am a concept artist and a modeler and an animator and i think that your idea is awesome i like to help you so till me more about your game pm me
best wish