HD bit depth

Can anyone tell me the bit depth for high definition and film?

Most likely the usual which is 24-bit depth.

HD is a resolution size, not a format, it can be at any bit depth. Generally it will be at 8bpc for things like web distribution (like Apple’s movie trailers) or at 10bpc, for other formats, like HDCam. This is what we used to project Elephants Dream in the cinema, we had to supply the image sequence as 16bit DPX files to the digital intermediate studio, who did the conversion to HDCam SR tape on their Quantel box.

As for film, it’s an analogue medium, there is no bit depth. But film is usually scanned to digital at 10bpc or 16bpc to DPX files. However there are other subtleties, DPX often stores colour in logarithmic format, rather than linear format like most digital imagery, which distributes the dynamic range differently to give an appropriate amount of detail in the dark or light areas.

This stuff gets really complicated, it’s best not to worry about it until you need to (like if you’re outputting digital imagery to film or digital video).

and its all compressed down anyway, cause the hardware cannot handle full image transfer, or each frame would need 6MB. In any event though, even if you jpeg Q80, each frame is like 250k, or 7 megs per second or 500 megs per minute per layer, 5 gigs per 10 minute short per layer.