HD company into Animation, Video/Sound Editing (Sound Syncing) in Blender

Hello everyone

This will be my 1st project playing with animation in blender. Its an old project call “space is reality” and iv modified it to become a company into.

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfrhNtVYGH8

This is not a real world project, everything is completely made up. The idea is to practice getting better at using blender.

Here is where i got the sound effects.

Like for me you should use particle system to make better and more random effect of the animation. Anyway it looks awesome, the idea and colours are awesome.

Thank you for you comment, see below for scene, all it is a cube in a cube, The outside cube is a mirror, simple but looks cool. It did the job because i’m now working with a company with animating there logo :slight_smile: my 1st client, she has a media company and what luck, her clients need CG, VFX so on so on :slight_smile:

Thank you blender team for giving me the tool to being the creative person i am, if all go’s well I have the cash to make donations and come over to Amsterdam and meet the crew :slight_smile: