HD Compositing


I am really amazed that this is actually possible. While Quicktime can’t even play back mpeg2 transport streams that are used for HD footage, I was amazed to see ffmpeg and blender handle this perfectly.

A friend got himself a Sony FX1 HD cam, so obviously I wanted to see if I would be able to use blender to edit the transposrt stream./


First of all I was really happy to see grabmv grab the streams from the camera perfectly. It makes me real angry that I cannot use my micromv cam with iMovie when it really is the same thing as the HD cams. No market, no features. Proprietary software sucks :slight_smile:

I managed to cut clips in the sequence editor, I managed to load the HD video as a texture, use it a background for a 3D viewport and also use it in the compositor. It’s sluggish (surprise, surprise!) but very usable.


So let’s see if this leads anywhere :slight_smile:

hmm…so whats your conclusion? i don’t know what you are pointing at?
do you mean how good ffmpeg is? a how poor older systems?


My conclusion is that it bloody works! :slight_smile:

Tracking test with Voodoo data - http://jimmac.musichall.cz/screenshots/blender-voodoo-tracking.png


You seem to be editing the mov file with node compositor then color adjusting the images. From the pictures you posted it looks like your output was a series of png files.

A. Is my statement above correct? I though movies had to be converted to a series of images first, to be used by the node editor.

B. Linux or Windows?

C. Which build?

D. What role does the sequence editor play in the process? Wouldn’t the node editor be enough to render with?


Hi Mike,
As Voodoo tracker only eats series of images, I had to export the movie to frames. But for the composite I’m using the mpeg again. This is what I was raving about, it’s not only interframe compression, but a transport stream mpeg2!

This is CVS HEAD on Linux, not sure if ffmpeg is supported on other platforms.

I’ve only used the sequencer to export the PNGs for Voodoo tracker, but also to play with a it a bit to test if I can edit mpeg videos with it. And I’m happy to say I can. This is a test after all, not a serious project.