HD film Quallity

when i film with my camera the footage is blurry in Blender movie clip editor. Does anybody know how to prevent this. I film with the HDR-CX155E on flash-memory(AVCHD).

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Sounds like it might be interlaced. Does it look like the image on the left?

If so, load the movie into the Video Sequence Editor and render it out as individual frames. Be sure to check the De-Interlace box in the Filter panel (hit ‘N’ to bring up the panel.) Create a separate folder for the frames because it gets confusing having hundreds of frames mixed in with other files.

ETA: You should shoot in Progressive mode to eliminate this.

ETA: I just checked the specs of your camera at the site below, and it appears it only shoots interlaced video (not progressive), so you’ll have to de-interlace every video you shoot. Bummer. Although it’s recommended that you convert your movies to still frames anyway, so you’d be doing that anyway. The Movie Clip editor tends to work better with still frames rather than raw movie footage.

Steve S

There’s a de-interlace checkbox?! Cool to know. :slight_smile:

Deinterlace is fine if you’re outputting to a computer display, however if you want to display the final result on a tv then the motion of an interlaced video will be much smoother. Also deinterlacing will reduce your resolution by half.

if you can put up with the odd looking video during the edit (or use proxies) try outputting the result at full resolution of he source file and playing it on a tv.

Thanks, you really helped me. :slight_smile: