HD Over The Hedge Trailer 1 1080p (NO MODEMS!!)

We like to see big renders in high detail, cause we’re just like that. Here’s the link for the 1080p version of Dreamworks “Over The Hedge” trailer #1. This is not modem friendly, nor small resolution friendly. (if you think 1600x1200 is high resolution, you are so 2001! :smiley: ) If you’re not outputting component to your HD television, run it 1920x1440 and drool on yourself…

(that is the stub loader)

1920x1080, 24 bit, 24 fps, H.264 (wrapped in QT7)
165,235,707 (yes, a 159Meg movie trailer.)

Tremble before the power of a real renderfarm. Sheeeesh. This stuff makes the testicles shrink. Game over, man! GAME OVER!

Not to mention you’ll need a decent amount of horse power to decode on the fly. Just type F11 though for full screen effect. Ah, nothing like naked turtle butt in hi-def. That’s gonna’ be a great DVD for the collection.

[edit]that is to say full screen limited to your resolution:rolleyes:[/edit]

I want to download it. Not to run in the browser.

right-click, save target as…

Did you try it???


Download it from here. http://www.apple.com/trailers/dreamworks/overthehedge/trailer1/

Didn’t view the hi-res version as it lagged too much, but the small hedgehog that jumped onto the remote was hilarious, even in a smaller resolution. :smiley:

I tried disconnecting my cable modem to view it, Heavy, but it didnt work. Any suggestions?