[HD VIDEO] Tutorial: Bone Colors in Blender 2.6

Hey all,

Just a quick video tutorial on how to add colors to bones in Blender 2.6 for easy identification between Left & Right, IK bones, etc.




Hey, i’m a n00b, and have a problem with bones. i made a character, and rigged him. everything seems to work fine except his wings, they float apart when i move them.
I posted a “help me” vid:

so… help?

oh, and skip to 0:23 to cut to the chase…

THANKU!!!THANKU!!!THANKU!!!THANKU!!!THANKU!!! u r awesome!!!
but, in the words of the heavy, “we still have problem”.
Ide never be able to fit my newest problem with the wordlimit here.
I picture = 1000 words, and my fps is 30, so i desided to make another vid:

Cool, I’m glad I watched this tut before I started making my first (serious) armature. :slight_smile:

This is really helpful as I’m starting to create my own character. Thank you! :slight_smile: