HD2002 Stunt racing simulator in ALPHA!

(Devas73) #1

Ok it’s not made with GameBlender but I modeled everything in this free game with Blender (I also made a python script to help myself making track elements).
It’s programmed in C++ - have a look and let me know what you think!
Requires OpenGL acceleration… win32 only but Linux version to come as soon as I solve a little problem ; )


Have fun!

(saluk) #2

I can’t play :frowning:

It says: “glut32.dll” not found. I can run other games with acceleration just fine though.

(OTO) #3

The same to me :frowning:

Glut is the Open Gl toolkit i guess.
Old graphics card drivers used to install it


(Devas73) #4

Argh… take it here: http://www.xmission.com/~nate/glut/glut-3.7.6-bin.zip (117Kb)

(Pooba) #5

It runs EXTREMELY SLOW. Can’t play it.


(Devas73) #6

Sorry for not having put straight the system specs: it runs like silk on my Athlon 1 GHz - still have to try it on K2-350 MHz but the physical simulation (with ODE) is very sofisticated and wants a good processor.

(DreamMaster) #7

geez it’s a dizzy game :stuck_out_tongue: Very buggy as well.

(Devas73) #8

I also squashed a few bugs, corrected z buffer problems - lot of physics tewaking is possible by editing the conf files…