HD4650 not supported GPU?


as a total noob to Blender I had tried it out on my HP DM1 ( E-350 APU) and was very pleasantly surprised. Having experimented a bit with the software I thought I’d try and install it on my older but faster desktop (Vista32, 2GB, Phenom8450, HD4650). Which I did…

It loads just fine, appearantly, however when I go into the user preferences/system I am not able to select the HD4650 as a computing device. It just states NONE and only has the CPU available to render. I have tried the latest stable build of blender and the latest available development version in the .63 range and both exhibit this behavior.

I found the user preferences.py file and found this document: http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_62_release/bpy.types.UserPreferencesSystem.html#bpy.types.UserPreferencesSystem.compute_device_type but there I get stuck. I thought I might be able to force the system into that mode, but I don’t know how/where/what.

I checked the systems list the blender developers are using and the HD4650 is on there, thus supported, according to that list. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Introduction/Installing_Blender

Can I be helped? Uhm… nah, that’s a lost cause… Rather my issue then? :wink:

edit: oh, and yes, I have tried several different GFX driver versions from the AMD support site.

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I cannot even begin to tell you what a bummer this is…
I have just spent every minute of the afternoon and evening fighting with this issue. I have downloaded and installed all but none of the previous drivers for the card that are available at AMD. This even goes back far into the ATI time. Whatever I do, whatever I boot… Blender will not see anything else to render on then the CPU. No GPU, no Loveland. Nothing. What the… ???

Your graphics card just does not meet the minimum requirements for opencl rendering.

I’m confused… Although it is not a top of the bill card as might be considered today, it still is MUCH much much faster than the GPU integrated in the E-350 APU. Which does support Loveland, for one. Also it is not that old… On top of that the card is listed in the supported cards list of systems from the developers on the blender foundation site. That is why I am wondering if it just isn’t a bug somewhere? Should I have found reports from other users stating they cannot use their HD4650 GPU for rendering? Is it a hardware limitation or software? What about DX rendering or OpenGL?
The Phenom CPU renders even more slowly as the E-350… while in reality that system is a whole lot faster then the little E-350 laptop I’m using. Do you understand why I am baffled?
Then again… I have never encountered OpenCL before and have no knowledge of blenders history on these issues. All I know after searching is that people with the HD4650 in their system specs have been using Blender for their renders. Which of course does not mean they used their GPU as the computing unit… true.
I’m shocked… What modern card do I need to get for a bit of fast realtime rendering for basic scenes? 25 to 50 passes… I understand that Nvidia’s cards support CUDA, which is sort of a guarantee for blender to be able to use that GPU, correct?

edit: Lemme read here: http://developer.amd.com/zones/openclzone/Pages/default.aspx

Ha! Got it to work now! :slight_smile: Had to install another version of the AMD APP SDK.
It would appear that rendering a relatively simple glass on a plane using 50 passes, takes the:
Phenom 8450 -> 48.96 sec
ATI HD4650 -> 48.72 sec
AMD e-350 APU (CPU) -> 02.02.37 sec
AMD e-350 APU (GPU) -> 02.01.84 sec
If the renderer uses the set computing device not only for the realtime views but also for the separate renders, it would appear that both CPU’s and GPU’s in both systems match up very nicely. Oh well, too bad… :wink: At least the desktop renders in less than half the time, which is good to know :slight_smile:

Now… lets see what system I should go and get… :slight_smile:

edit: Whoops… big noob mistake on the render times… Correction: tomorrow. Now: sleep :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, and good night!!

Your system is not using the gpu at all - hence the almost identical render times. It is still using the cpu.

In a nutshell: cycles opencl gpu rendering on AMD/ATI GPUs is not yet supported, only for clay renders.