HDDs = Dead !!!!!

i have been working on a film project , everything is gone !!! :frowning:

how do i fix the HDD and restore the data ?

there are 4 HDDs , the sata has died , and the only is IDE which is working , help me please , that’s disastereous …

STAT HDD use different power connectors to IDE drives so I would first check that the power supply hasn’t died, if their still powered up it could be the MOBO at fault either hardware or the driver is corrupt. Hope this is of some help… the data should still be there…good luck

three of them dieing wouldn’t be failure of the hard drives. Make sure everything is plugged in well, and listen/feel for them spinning with your case open. If they don’t your power supply is bad. If they do it is your motherboard or you cables.

IF it does turn out to be your HDD (I very much doubt this) try wrapping them in clingfilm and placing in your freezer for a few hours.

This WORKS. I kid you not.

Zip lock bag with no air should be more ideal. And it is intended only as a temporary means to back up files, not to ‘fix’ it :slight_smile:

Additionally you need to let the Harddrive rest or ‘thaw’ out first unless you want condesation to make electronic parts to go poppin.

Use TestDisk and PhotoRec. PR even includes an option to search for .blend files :yes:

Download Recuva and don’t download porn to the last byte.

porn? guru had to give up blender for his girlfriend, there is no way he gets allowed porn.

in Islam , watching porn is “haramm” which means that it’s a sin , the only “halal” way is marriage , is porno sites hazardous to the PC ? , viruses ?

Many porn sites are, but not all of them. To be on the safe side, use Chrome in incognito mode inside Sandboxie inside Ubuntu inside Virtual Box.

That should cover most of it :yes:

how could a page code change hardware system ? , i thought virsues comes from email DLDs and exe files …

exploiting loopholes in the browser or OS mostly…

Basic page code is nothing more than a page layout - it’s things like embedded applications, javascript that actually has any power to do damage.

With that said, sometimes it’s nothing to do with the webpage - an exploit in the browser /OS means a webpage is only there waiting for you to opening a connection to their exploiting program, since a random internet request (ip scanning) type viruses are pretty much compleatly blocked by firewalls.

The problem lies with your power supply you need to get a new power supply as our current one may have failed even though your computer has boot up.

or maybe the sata cable may have been damaged

or maybe its just dust sometimes dust stops everything