HDMI 2.1 is unveiled; Allows for staggering image sizes up to 10K


That new 10K resolution is going to be an absolute nightmare for CG studios (even with the latest advances in hardware and the latest in denoising technology).

  • For one thing, Blender does not even support image sizes that go past 10K pixels
  • Imagine the massive stack of RAM you would need to render Cycles micropolygon displacement on a resolution that big
  • Imagine the second stack of RAM you would need to store the textures and detail to hold up to that large of a size
  • Imagine the massive server farm you would need to render a moderate-quality animation at that size (just can’t be done with home hardware).
  • That’s not to mention that applications across the board would need a complete overhaul to be able to work with such high resolution detail
  • That’s also not to mention it would be pointless for home TV’s unless you were watching from 4 feet while looking through binoculars.

In all, we’ve gone past the point where ever higher display resolutions make sense, now it’s a race to see how tiny the pixels can get in the average home TV (and content will definitely be slow to come when noting how the supporting technology is not keeping up). You could perhaps go up to 8K with a 16 core Threadripper with 256 gigabytes of RAM, but not much more.

Crazy, or is this your ticket to sitting in the front row of an IMAX theater?

Did I miss something? Was it ever possible to render animations on home hardware?

I think this is great. The technology is advancing. That’s awesome.

10k seems like it’s a lot, but human vision is still way ahead. It seems like a lot, but one can find ways to use it quickly like 8k VR for example. I think there is plenty of time for the rest of the technology like GPUs and processors to catch up, it will still be some time till 4k content becomes dominant standard. Technology advances faster than people decide to buy new stuff like TVs and monitors I think.

> For one thing, Blender does not even support image sizes that go past 10K pixels

False. We do 48k x 24k projects every few months. I would like to point you to these bug fixes they did back in 2015 – https://developer.blender.org/T44616 and https://developer.blender.org/T44759 we submitted back in the day.

Oh, it’s been a long time since I saw how high the image dimension values for the final render can go (back in Blender 2.4x). The max back then was 10,000x10,000 pixels.

Pointing to Blender and consumer home PC hardware as the limiting factors here is silly. No one in any professional productions that will target 10k at any point in the near future is going to be using Cycles, and they’re certainly not going to be running Threadrippers (or AMD at all, most likely, considering that Intel has something like a 98% market share of production rendering).

By Production Rendering I assume you mean Animation based rendering? We use cycles at 42k resolutions for professional production rendering but on a stills level (billboards and what not) every now and then.

Could you expand on that? Why would that be? What is your thinking behind these two predictions?

That might be true, but then the thread would be a bit less of interest to Blender users (if I simply talked about technology and abilities that would be completely out of reach for the majority of people here for several years yet, at minimum).

It’s the same thing when people post about new releases of other big commercial apps. The app. may be out of reach, but there’s features within them that could be of interest to Blender users (in the form of someone writing a patch or the core team developing something similar).

See, the thing is that this IS pretty much of no interest, or at least consequence, for nearly all, even professional users on this board and won’t be for a loooong time. But then you have to go and add six points filled with hyperbole that make it seem like “oh no, the sky is falling, tomorrow everyone will be rendering 10k images and Blender won’t be able to compete!”

That aside, HDMI is only a standard of transmission, it can be used for multi display setups and VR where 10k isn’t that much really because it is divided between displays.

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That’s not going to stop companies and display enthusiasts from making attempts to push people toward making content for that resolution. You already have companies making monitors and devices (Apple for instance) that may not even go down all the way to 1080P (so your CG work, which looked so nice at HD resolution, is going to look tiny on the screen).

The only way to derail this push (or at least defer it several more years) is for customers to just not buy into the resolution race (it worked with 3D TV and their glasses, don’t see a lot of those anymore).

while in whole the infrastructure is stagnating, no, worse, is in decay
you know this means broader cables everywhere, more power consumption, better materials… still blind follow the blind
or happy joy for 1%

Perhaps I can take a better look at your posts if you follow up these statements with a proposed alternative to things like the resolution race (and not write it in the form of riddles).

So what do you wish to see instead of the push to 4K and beyond?

Well as you pointed out correctly content for higher resolution will simply be more expensive and exclusive to produce and so it will just be determined by the market. I don’t see anything to be concerned about, I have not had a single request for a 4K Animtation for example, might just be my niche of the market maybe. For hobbyists it matters even less, it’s amazing what you can produce on a home PC right now, I’m not expecting many will ask for or want to render 10k content soon. I think it will be a standard for very high-end work for a long time but those niches will be glad to have and soon ask for more.


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10K is a not a broadcast or cinematography standard, that standard would be 8K and I just saw on twitter that Ton posted a link to the 8K version of the Daily Dweebs, so what were we worried about again?

Between now and then I think a lot is going to change so I wouldn’t be too worried about this, if VR hangs around it’s going to really push consumer side tech a lot because that is the side of things with a screen 6-8 inches from your eyes where resolution really counts.