HDR based lighting for 2.42 graphics demos

Well guys after 3 days of tweeking, coding, and resurching (but mostly tweeking) I have come up with a kick ass HDR based shader for GLSL in blender. For you that dont know what HDR is go here http://www.debevec.org/RNL/

The demo is almost complete. The user can rotate the camera, and adjust exposure and contrast. The demo consists of 3 models from HalfLife 2, to show the shader at its best.

I also plan to include multiple lighting scenarios that the user may switch through.

I have talked to snailrose and I am pretty shure this will make it into the graphics demos.

now for some screenies!!!

:eek: Amazing…

cool, but it would be illegal if you include those models in the demo

Are you shure?!?! Im pretty possitive the models can be distributed as long as they are not sold. Valve supports the modding comunity, and help supply tools to extract their models.

And its not just cool. I dont think you are understanding what HDR is. the Halflife2 engine does not even have HDR! (unless you get the mod) And yet I have it right here in blender!!! HDR is a massive graphical enhancement.

yes, it’s illegal to distribute those models for free. Valve does support the modding comunity, but in order to play mods, you need to own a copy of hl2 in the first place don’t you?

Ok ok fine w/e

I still think you are missing the point of the demo.

I’m not trying to attack you in any way, and I haven’t missed the point of your demo, which is to showcase hdr lighting in blender :wink:

I’m just trying to help you not get into any trouble

Yea this was one of my biggest worries durring the creation of the shader. The major problem is that HDR does not work well with low quality models and texures. I am a great modeler and texrure artist, on the same level as the HL2 models, but I simply do not have time. But I guess I have no choice now do I?

Well time to pull out my sketch book and do some concept art :slight_smile:

yeah, or you could ask the community to donate some models…i’m sure everyone here is eager to help :wink:

I think Ima contact the guys workin on club silo. Get a few car models.

if only we could acheive such effect without the use of programming shaders :wink:

Ok Well I just managed to get my hands on some very very nice vehical models. I just need to work on creating the neccesary normal maps for them.

Maybe with the ogre plug in, but I don’t see the problem with using anything as long as it works.

What are the hardware requirements to run something with this shader optimally?

PS: Source had fully supported HDR since 05, they have made it a standard, it’s no longer a “mod”.

Shader is fast and not to complex. Any decent card with GLSL support should work fine. You do need your card to be able to have 3 texture multitexture. I am working on a image compression system that can lower that to 2 mabey even 1.

Well Until I can get a good model to use for the demo I will continue to perfect the shader.

I also made two videos that demo the shader in two different lighting environments. These show much more than what the pictures can give, as I am changing various paramaters in realtime to change the effect.

Big thanks to Sutabi for hosting the videos :slight_smile:

Video 00 (42mb)
Video 01 (17mb)

If you are unsure about using the half life 2 models. Then send valve an e-mail and ask for permission, that you wish to use there models as a test demo to show of HDR in Blender.

Downloading videos now. Looks amazing the screenshots.

Yea I think I will.
LMAO no wonder why my Xbox Live connection was lagging! :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw part of the first movie, then the connection broke… Wow, looks stunning!

Hi Spike1907,

i can help u just tell me what kind of textues (size and color, diff, normalmap etc) u need.
and what kind of model (car, caracter, building etc) and polycount.


Create a character, or vehical, no large structures. Polycount is limited to around 6000 triangles.

diffuse map, and normal map are required.