HDR effect

hey all,
ive been doing some test with the game engine lately and ive been having some ideas. firstly HDR effect or a light bloom effect when exiting dark areas. in the screen shot ive tried to create this affect. its my first try at it, and no doubt it will look a lot better in the end (im already thinking of some new stuff :D).

when exiting a building i want the light bloom to be very bright and slowly fade to normal, i was thinking of having a sensor on the outside of the door, but how would i have this interact with the play, would i have a touch sensor or something like that, and how would i move and object if a sensor was touched by the player? this is key since the HDR was created by a textured plane that i plan on moving to make the effect seem like it is fading

after a few tweaks:::


with out!

Nice graphic on your images :smiley:
Continius work!

Dan that is looking great! I think it should be just a little less bright…or let us see better just a little bit. But the idea is really good an I think it will help set us apart :slight_smile: Looking forward to more updates!

I think your idea is going into the right direction.

I would do like that:

First determine the player goes from inside to outside.
When leaving the dark area show your light bloom effect and lets fade it out.
On the opposite you could do a dark bloom when entering the dark area.

What I would do:

have 2 areas around the door with 2 materials on the ground:


Material A is on the end of the dark area
Material B is on the end of the light area

Have a property darkness. Make sure it has the right startup value. Have a collision sensor on the player for materials. A touch sensor would do it as well.

If the sensor detects material B and darkness is 1 play your light bloom and set the property darkness to 0.
If the sensor detects material A and darkness is 0 play your dark bloom and set the property darkness to 1.

That means if you are in the dark area darkness is 1. When going through the door you hit material A. Nothing will happen. When you are throught the door you hit material B. Now the light bloom will play. If you hit B again nothing will happen as darkness is now 0.
When you go back and hit Material B the property darkness will be set to 1 again (and play the dark bloom if you want).

I hope this helps

there are more way to do what you need - the best i think of is adding an emtpy just before the door. the plane would be at the empty - and with calculating the distance to the empty in python, you could fade the plane(which wouldn’t be at the camera, but outside at the empty, so that also dark areas don’t get covered by it)it would fade so at the moment you’re at the emmpty, the plane disappears…

Nice SFX ! Can you tell us how you made it ?
Is this a simple plane with texture ?

Very nice effect!
A bit of advice though, before some insane graphics-technology junkie comes in here and screams at you; HDR and Bloom are two different effects which are usually used in conjunction with one another (which is where the confusion arises). There are lots of people online who get VERY angry about it, for some reason…

What you have here is Bloom of a sort, well done…

Where is your glowing plane? Is it in an overlayed scene? If so, you won’t be able to change it easily in 2.41, because for some reason 2.41 can’t trigger an animation with a message sensor.

that’s looking really good!

it reminds me of counterstrike :slight_smile:

I’m afraid i know what you want to do. Look for the GoSwitch Script here. I think this could help. It is using a single Radar Sensor. But not tested wit 2.41 or above.

I don’t like this HDR Stuff much. Because i want to see what i’m playing. This FX has to be used very very very very careful! Otherwise they looks only disruptive and bumbling [!]

This is awesome! XD

Does anyone knows how to get this bloom effect? Any tutorial please?

kamaro, please don’t bump old threads. You should have started a new thread which linked to this one.

The effect is achieved using a Plane with an Add texture in an overlay scene. Sensors are set up in the main scene to tell it when to be dark and when to be light.