Hdr file problem

hey people.

Firstly i am sorry to post a question because i hate answering other peoples simple problems on other software as it gets annoying and repetitive.

I am trying to simply upload a .hdr image but blender returns an error saying “unknown fileformat”,

I am running the latest version of blender, which is 2.34

so my question is.

In order to fix the problem that i have just stated, do i need to have a certain python script or do i have to conver the .hdr file to some thing else?

i am also sorry to post some thing like this because you probably hear some thing about this topic all the time, but i couldn’t find any articles relating to my problem.

thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender doesn’t recognize the hdr fileformat (yet). If you want to use it with blender’s ambient occlusion then you have to convert the hdr to a regular image (jpeg/tga/png/etc) first.
If you use yafray however, it will load the hdr image, regardless if blender can’t load it or not.

okay thanks for your help.

Does any one have any interesting articles or tutorials on this subject about hdri/envmapping. I have tried to visit a site that offers envmap tutorials but their links are down. I think its reblended.

Sorry if i am being a huge pain in the ass.

reblended does not exist any more