HDR image showing as single color

I am having a very confusing problem with using an hdr background image. Having been out of using Blender for a while I figured I’d get back into it by following Andrew Price’s Lounge Room tutorial. However, when I got to the part of loading in the environment texture, it does this weird thing where when it renders the texture instead of it being like the inside of a sphere it just shows the background as a solid color the changes depending on where you look. For example, when you look where the sky should be the background is solid blue, when you look at where the grass should be it’s solid green.

I’ve narrowed down my process to figure out exactly where the problem happens and it turns out that as soon as I do anything to the cube in edit mode the problem occurs. Any ideas? I’ve uploaded the blend here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79904384/problem.blend

Edit: For some reason it randomly fixed itself after trying to get it to work in multiple test files.

When you attach a blendfile for help, make sure that everything needed to help you out is packed into it. Also for the “random fix” that occured, are you sure it’s random, or did you just switch from ortho view to perspective view ?

You haven’t included your texture !

To see the background image in the viewport render you need to be in perspective view, not orthographic

@KWD: Oops, forgot about that, sorry!

@Richard Marklew: Now I feel stupid, I didn’t even think perspective vs orthographic would make a difference! Thanks for the help!