HDR images, Yafray and the NEW 2.37!

I just downloaded 2.37 and I am trying to get hdr rendering with yafray to work. I keep getting a blue background. I am using the same settings I used in 2.36. I would always see the hdr image in the background in a render without “walls”. Has something changed in 2.37 regarding hdr and yafray?



Yes, you now have to do the same as you would for any image world background in Blender, enable ‘Hori’ and set the mapping type, ‘angmap’ for lightprobes, ‘sphere’ for spherical lattitude/longitude maps, for yafray these are the full 360 panorama type, not what Blender requires, the upper hemisphere type.
‘Tube’ works as well, but probably is used least.
I did this so that in you could still disable the background without removing the texture, and also to just make it more compatible with Blender. If you use the new yafray release (not out yet), you can use images in OpenEXR format as well.
Regular images work too btw, not just hdri’s,

I cant seem to get the HDRI lighting to work at all. I used the same scene as i did in 2.36 and not only do i not get a background, everything is completely black. I did the above, but it doesnt help. I have an error in console saying “Targa type not supported. Could not load image”. I dont know if its talking about the .hdr file or not, so im confused.

oh no, you’re right! Just tested with the official old yafray 0.0.7, stupid me, I changed the export code to the new syntax not supported in the old yafray… I’m sorry, you will have to wait until the new version is released to be able to render with hdri’s again.
But that should be hopefully soon, if you use windows, you can find a prerelease build compile by lynx here in this thread on yafray.org:


Don’t know how well it will work though. Hopefully it will run with the current Blender.
In any case, shouldn’t be long now before the actual release.
My apologies once again… :expressionless:

Oh… ow ow ow ow!

I’m just gonna die without my HDRI’s. A slow lingering sobbingly painful death. A quite messy and disgusting one, too. Really.

Yeah yeah, I’m a drama queen.

Seriously though, talk about a painful choice! Render using 2.36 after grinding down my molars in anticipation for 2.37, or go with 2.37’s new exciting (no joke) features and forego HDRI’s for a while.

Forget my rambling - many thanks to you, eeschlo and Lynx. I will give that pre-release build a try and if it doesn’t work, you still have my sincere thanks for trying.

Cheers -


I’m fine with waiting. However, 2.37’s threads rendering has just bought my desktop another year of life. It is 1.85 times as fast with threads enabled. Do threads work in Yafray? I’ve always set the processors field in the Yafray dialogue to 2, but it seems the same. Thanks.


I just tried madcow’s angmaps with Blender’s Internal renderer and the console says unknown file format. They are .jpg’s. Is this also a 2.37 issue?


Yes, they do work, but not with yafray0.0.7, the old yafray had this disabled, so you will also have to use the new yafray for that too.

I just tried madcow’s angmaps with Blender’s Internal renderer and the console says unknown file format. They are .jpg’s. Is this also a 2.37 issue?

I just tried one of them, angmap1.jpg, but works fine. Are you sure you it downloaded correctly, not a corrupt file or something?

Oh, man, I can’t wait!

Eeshlo, how many chocolate chip cookies would it take to considerably speed up the release?

I did some tests with the cvs, and i love the dispersion. That’s my first shot.

I can’t wait for the release :smiley:

The angmaps worked with Blender’s Internal, it was sticky buttons between unselected object and world. For some reason, it was applied to the test cube, eventhough I carefully deselected everything before assigning the material and texture to world. Thanks.


Eagerly awaiting Yafray release!