Yes, I did do my homework and searched the forum first. The threads I came upon were all these people saying:

“Yes, I made a bloom effect or a HDR in Blender for the GE.” They say.
“Well, can we see it?” We ask.
“No.” They reply.

Why?! What’s the point in saying you’ve done this if you won’t even share it?! Spike 1907 had apparently made a great HDR effect for the GE, but his video files mysteriously linked to a site about how a flower works, and he didn’t post a .blend. Does anybody have this .blend? Are you still around Spike1907? I know we’re transferring to Ogre, but from what Snailrose says, it’ll be about a decade before we get to see the results. And that’ll probably mean that we won’t be able to use the GE without a GLSL shader, (I do have one, but not everybody does.) So in the meantime, does anybody have a real HDR effect? Does anybody have Spike1907’s? I know the method of the halo-plane, but that looks rubbish.

Used well it can be quite beautiful. It’s often a matter of making special glow textures specifically designed for the light you want to glow.

i wanted to study that to how its made that bloom effect and i gave up

yeah, i remember that HDR thread from spike, I think all the image/video links are broken by now. it really did look good too.

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

You can fake a bloom effect, but bloom =/= HDR.