HDR Light Studio is coming to Blender!

Blender is getting some serious love from pro lighting software. $140/year for indie license is not bad at all, can’t wait. https://www.lightmap.co.uk/hdrlightstudio/connections/blender/



I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.
Hope I can use it with octane

It came out yesterday.

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Yes, the HDR Light Studio ‘Blender Connection’ is out now. We are very excited.
You can see what it’s all about here on the updated web page: https://www.lightmap.co.uk/hdrlightstudio/connections/blender/

If you have any questions, I am one of the co-founders of the software. We have been dedicated to lighting software for over 10 years, so pleased its now come to Blender.



I hope Blender 2.9 Connection will be out soon.

I am so happy to hear this.Thanks for sharing this.

We have certified for 2.83 LTS. But, there is a good chance it will work with 2.9, as long as nothing in the API has changed broken things. We had beta testers using it fine with 2.9, but there was an issue with 2.9 prior to its official launch version. Hope that helps.

Basically give it a try with the 2.9 release. Should be fine.

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Our beta testers produced some lovely images with HDR Light Studio in Blender. You can see them at our gallery:

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I would like to leave some feedback.

I think it’s better to remove ? marks here. The sentences are already formed as statements and tick box already suggest 2 options: enable/disable. I believe it’ll make the panel cleaner. It’s the first thing that didn’t make sense to me when I tested HDRLS.


Sorry, I just saw this. A good idea, would make it look cleaner for sure, thanks for this feedback.

HDR Light Studio for Blender has added support for Octane and RenderMan renderers. So you can light shots with Cycles, Eevee, Octane and RenderMan all with HDR Light Studio, and switch between those render engines.

The new version of HDR Light Studio has also added a new advanced motion blur filter for HDRI maps.


Any ETA on 3.1 compatibility?

the plugin works from version 2.83+

Official forum states 3.1 is not working and they’re working on the fix.

oh, I use hdri light studio with blender 3.0.1. no problem

I’m using 3.0.1, it’s pretty stable but still experiencing some crashes. Indie price will be increased 50%+ in May to $220/year, :frowning_face: