HDR not displaying correctly

Hi there!

I’ve just started using HDR in my scene and it doesn’t display correctly, but the lighting of the HDR seems to appear on the object and moving the camera around in render mode just has the background flicker different colours. Starting a new project seems to display correctly with the same setup so I think I’ve changed a setting by accident on this specific file. I could start a new scene with the same files imported in, but if this is fixable without doing so I’d rather just know how to fix it for future reference.

I’ve looked about for some fixes and none of them seem to work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! ~


Make sure you’re not in orthographic view.

To better control the HDR, you should use this setup.
You can then move and rotate your HDR with it.

Turned out it was in orthographic, I would’ve never of guessed that. :frowning:

And thank you Dito for the better setup for HDR!