hdr photographs?


could blender be used to compose such hdr photographs?

the idea is that you make a series of photos with varying exposure time. then they get mixed together in some way. i don’t know exactly how this mixing gets done but the articles i read mentioned you need something like photoshop cs2 which i don’t have.

i guess this could be done with blender’s new compositing system (which supports hdr?) too? does anyone have experience with these kinds of photographs? any ideas?

you can use hdr shop if you run windows. I play with it now and then I have put a series of renders together to make a cg hdri.

thanks, i will look into hdr shop!

…but even if hdr shop turns out to be exactly the tool i need i would be interested if this also would be possible in blender? :slight_smile: just curious…

<edit> seems like hdrshop can create a hdr image from an exposure series but is there also a free tool i can use for tone mapping? i have learned now that tone mapping is what i actually want to do… </edit>