HDR_ProStudio for Blender 2.8 - FREE plugin + source code

Hi there! I was told today about this plugin in the Blender discord channel :slight_smile:

Was looking for something akin to Marmoset Toolbag’s feature that allows you to place lights based on existing HDRI images. From the videos I’m seeing this addon focuses on creating your HDRIs from scratch, which isn’t what I wanted. Can lights be placed on top of existing HDRIs in an interactive, real-time way with this addon? Adding a GIF to show what I mean:

EDIT: huh…for some reason GIF here comes out either super small or ultra blurry…The correct GIF can be seen in this link.

I am trying to use HDR images as textures for the lights, and they don’t seem to be HDR anymore when placed on the environment texture created with the add-on (which is 32 bits).
Is it a known limitation?

Thanks all ! This plugin is great ! :sunglasses:

@ Justo You don’t have to start on new image. You can just load your HDRI image.



SniperKing, I did not know it could do that. One more reason to love this addon