HDR_ProStudio for Blender 2.8

Hello everyone,

I present this plugin which allows easy procedural and image based HDRI light creation in Blender. Now working with Blender 2.8 beta and better than before. Also includes visualization tutoring as part of the package. https://gum.co/HDR_ProStudio_Blender

The old version for Blender 2.78, 2.79 is still available for sale on the Blender Market. Search for “hdri lighting studio editor”

HDRI Lighting Studio & Editor


very nice!!!

Thanks for your support.

How many of you would be interested in a tutorial showing how to make a top notch car studio render using the plugin? Or if there is anything else you would like to see don’t hesitate to mention it.

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Looks like very good addon!

imma go pick that up.


I’ve just buyed this addon and now try to install it. I put the “Ubuntu2.78” folder in the Blender 2.78 Addon folder (Blender 2.78/blender-2.78-linux-glibc211-x86_64/2.78/scripts/addons) like described: Move “HDR Editor for yourOS” folder to “addons” directory (should be blender- directory/2.77/scripts/addons/).
The next step should be: Go to UV Editor. Press T and go to the Edit hero Tab - but nothing happend.

thx for any hint!

You have to enable it from the Preferences Panel/Addon tab first.

And if it doesn’t appear there, go to the folder and rename it to something like HDRI Editor( don’t use any dots, it messes up with Blender)


I’ve tested your advice in Blender 2.78, renamed how you recommended, twice in Win7 and Linux - it don’t work - there’s nothing to check in the Userprefs/Addon panel, no new addon shown up…

Try doing a factory reset as well. That usually fixes the issue.

Also try naming the folder HDREditor (no spaces). If Blender doesn’t detect it it ain’t a problem with the addon, but with Blender being able to see the python file.

The addon is named UV: hdr , to make sure you’re searching for the right name.

Hope we figure out what the issue is on your side.

Wow, looks great, thanks for sharing it man!

After I renamed everthing or not in any combination, load factory settings etc - So what should i exactly rename?

  • the folder Ubuntu 2.78?
  • the hdreditor.so ?
  • the init.py?

This. It shouldn’t contain a dot as I mentioned. Blender can’t detect the addon because of that.
Ubuntu 2.78 -> HDRIEditor

Don’t rename the 2 other files in the Ubuntu folders. Leave them as they are otherwise the addon won’t be able to find the required code.

Okay - but don’t works,
see here:

I can’t see the full error message. Please make screenshot that shows the entire screen.

Go to the UV editor and see if the addon works. You should have a new tab.

There’s not more to see of the error message, the error don’t work! :smiley:
…and no Addon in the UV Edit…

Try making that window bigger then making the error show up :slight_smile:

You should print the error from the console, it would be more readable.