HDR_ProStudio for Blender 2.8


Many methods & techniques out there… :wink:

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Yes, sorry :slight_smile: 2019 it is

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I had an idea about using something like a pen/curve tool to draw a shape on an object and make it part of the HDRI. Seems the most precise approach, although not as fast as point-and-click.

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Updated for Blender 2.8, better than before and includes 3D visualization tutoring as part of the sales package. Cheers!

Customers have been sent an update explaining the current situation. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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cool addon, but could someone explain to me the benefice of a custom studio hdr like you can do with the addon or other programs vs traditionnal lamps ?



:thinking: Nope, no notice, no update… nothing. Bought HDRI Lighting Studio & Editor on Blendermarket.

This addon will be updated to 2.8 when we manage to complete our roadmap. There will be a beta access pass for the blender 2.8 version of the plugin available for purchase on gumroad.
Get the Blender 2.8 version + 3D Visualization Tutoring on Gumroad. In case you only want the beta access as a previous customer, message me to provide you with a discount code. https://gum.co/hdr_prostudio

“Free Updates, Forever”

… what gives?
Wait for final release or buy again?


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Wait for the final release and you will have the update for free :slight_smile:

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This addon allows you to create precise environment maps, quicker, that you could use in Blender or export to other 3D apps. While it is entirely possible to use lamps or mesh lights with image gradients applied, the workflow is much slower and error prone that way.