HDR script findings

(stephen2002) #1

One thing that I noticed about eeshlo’s HDR script is that when you use a terragen image, it tends to make the entire thing blue when you have a bright sky. I know that you can play with terragen settings to try to eliminate the effect, but you will still probably end up with a blue tint. Or you don’t want to change the look of the sky because you are going to use it as a backdrop. Here is a simple example image, the sky was quite blue, but that is the way I wanted it.

I found the three lines that change the colors of the lamps and commented them out. This will give you whatever color you set the lamps to before you started the script. I got this result:

Eeshlo, it would be a really nice feature to add in a button like “ignore color” or “force color” and then add three color sliders so that you could enter the color that you want, while still getting lamp intensities from the HDR file. Just a thought.