HDR textures?

Hi, does Blender support hdr images as textures?

I want to make a skybox that is textured using hdr images, and then set it to emissive.
I need to make my own hdri but dont have a wide enough lens or decent tripod head.


previous topic from Blender Artists similar to your requirement, would be useful to check it out.

Thanks Fatih, much appreciated!

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The only thing you need, and sadly you cannot find in the older post, is to setup your material using “environment texture” as your emission material texture. Don’t forget to assign the “equirectangular projection”.

The other post solution was UV mapping, and after that Blender has all primitive objects UV unwrapped as default. You just need to apply the texture, not the common image texture but the environment texture node.

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Cheers Calandro, I’ll give it a go and see how it goes. :+1: