Hi! BGE noob here but I’ve used Blender for about half a month now.

I’m trying to find on how to achieve great graphics with BGE. I saw several videos on Youtube that they were able to use HDRI on BGE. I tried to look it up on how to do it but I failed to do so (that’s why I’m here).

Do anybody know how to use HDR to BGE? I would love to learn on how to achieve this kind of graphics.

Thank you so much! and sorry for the English.

I would approach this issue by uv unwrapping your HDR pic over a box or semi-spheare shaped skybox which scale up as far as you want.
mind the view range of your camera and of course your skybox would be shadeless.

Are you sure you are talking about High Dynamic Range Image?

What you show is an image with a blurred background. I guess it should fake a Depth of field effect.

It is a special effect. DOF is good to focus the viewers eye to a certain point/object.

Special effects make no good image or game. Such effects are less a sign of quality. They can support if used correctly. You need to be careful with them - if used incorrectly they can destroy any harmony of what you want to show. They do not add harmony that is not present already.

Special effects can be used to distract from things that are not so fine e.g. by hiding them in the blur. But this should never be the reason for using them.

Thank you all for the reply. This is a better explanation of what I want to achieve.

Me and martinsh are working on a PBR shader in BGE(because the one you see in the video didn’t work for me and doesn’t support ALL of the things needed(full scene lighting(all the lights), displacement and/or parallax maps, real-time rendered cubemap and others… However, you may have to wait about month on to the final release.

Really? ! Thanks! That’s the answer I was hoping to hear. Gonna add you up! Thanks!