HDRI affecting colors

if i render with HDRI, the color from the light probe is affecting my renderings.

is there a way to render without this effect, just using the lightintensity etc. ?

I do not beleive so. The use of HDRI lighting will always use the colour values of the HDRI file for the illumination. It is just the nature of the file format and its use.


I believe that’s the whole POINT of using HDRI - so that the scene reflects the colours of the environment in a realistic manner.

You’ll have to use a different picture if you don’t like the colours.

I second BgDM’s and dgebel’s opinion. Usually you use HDRI not only to light the scene, but also to give shiny materials (like chrome and stuff) something to reflect. Without that, it would lack realism.

On the other hand…have you thought about converting the image to “greyscale”? You can do that using HDRshop (well actually you need an image editing programme, too). Is that what you’re probably looking for?

Thanx for your replies!

I was wondering about the high intensity of some lightprobes wich caused a blueish color overall.

I know undertand hdri something better. I tried some more lightprobes and it is getting better.

In other programs you can turn off the lighting abilities of the HDRI. This can’t be done here? Basically it creates a really nice reflection than. Also can the intensity be adjusted? I don’t understand the HDRI options.