HDRI and HDRI software?

I decided to post this under “Other Software” because it’s not directly related to Blender.

I’m playing around with YafRay, lighting, etc. and ran into HDRI. Now, I’d like to, partly because of the experience, create as much as possible myself, and thus wondered if this is possible with the same type of freedom that the GPL gives (oh and, it has to be free of charge too).

I Googled around, and found HDR Shop. However, the license only allows for non-commercial use (unless you pay up). I’m assuming this means that I will never be able to use the HDR images coming out of that program for any other uses than non-commercial. Even though that’s not likely to happen, I don’t want to be restricted like that, so I was wondering, is there a program that allows your to create HDR images without a restricting license? Can GIMP do this somehow?

I’d preferably use something that works under Linux, but Win32 stuff works too, even though I don’t like using Windows.

If there is no software that matches that description, then I would like to know if there are any HDR images I can download that doesn’t restrict the usage in any way?

I’ve done some digging, and found this, although I haven’t tried it, nor can I find a license for it (even though it’s Open Source, so it’s probably under the GPL, BSD license or similar).

And I suppose that these may be more or less freely used. The only reference to usage I can find just asks you to e-mail him if you’d like to use them. Not sure if that means you’re supposed to ask him, or if he’d just like to be aware of it.

You might also take a look at the OpenEXR format. OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic. The OpenEXR software distribution is licensed under the modified BSD license. It is also supported by YafRay

Yeah, I’ve seen that. However, that’s just the format. I haven’t found an OpenEXR editor.

Apparently it’s a dependency for CinePaint (a GIMP fork, previously known as Film GIMP), but unfortunately, HDR editing support was added in version 0.20. I’m running Gentoo, and portage still only has version 0.19 in it.

I guess I could compile it manually, if I really needed it, but at the moment, I lack source material, so there’s no rush.

Cinepaint-0.20-1 does have both hdr and openEXR in the save dialog. On my box the hdr save is broken (unless I’m missing something) but the openEXP definitely works. Opening xcf (Gimp native) files is also broken under Cinepaint. Ouch!

I´m currently working on an article about Image Based lighting for Blender, where I also happen to mention various software.

For your question: Yes, they are free apps out there that let you create HDR probes and use them for comercial purposes… and they are for Linux also.

Enough said… just to get you teased untill the article is ready :stuck_out_tongue: