HDRI Bug or not? Need some help

Hi there, I need some advice according to the environment coordinates settings for Eevee render. I’m trying to set hdri map, but my vehicle model is not on the ground, but flying in space.

Changing texture location or scale doesn’t work. Does somebody know how to fix it? And the second question. Are there any settings for Shadow catcher in Eevee render? Thanks in advance for the answers.

Your model won’t magically appear in the correct location since HDRI is not physical geometry. If you want to render with the HDRI as a background you need to set the camera perspective and the translation of the object(s) of the scene so that they appear correct. Not sure about Blender (yet, new user), but for other applications there are various tools that can help you eyeball the correct field-of-view and perspective.

Thanks for the answer. But you’ll not believe, in 3ds max every object magically appear in the right place and in correct scale according to the model. I’m also newbie in blender and i thought I didn’t found correct settings.